Armenian Heritage Fashion: ASF Supports Armenian Fashion Boutique

Throughout history, Armenian fashion and traditional garments symbolically express Armenian culture, values, and distinctiveness. The embroidered floral and geometric decorations in bold and bright colors with many accessories highlight ancient Armenian mythology and history. Thus, nowadays, these elements from traditional Armenian pieces have been used as motifs that have been stylized and modernized into today’s clothing.

ASF was pleased to find one business-owner whose dream was to build a fashion business, producing clothing items that included elements of traditional Armenian garment designs.

For the past 10 years, founder Heripsime Maronyan has passionately administered her small-business, Maronyan Fashion Studio. Heripsime and her team customize and manufacture remarkable, hand-made clothing pieces in Yerevan.

Her talent for making the traditional elements more modern allowed her business to thrive and work closely with larger wedding businesses, as her team designed custom wedding dresses.

“We also have had the pleasure to work with our local schools and design uniforms for their students.”

Heripsime recognized that there was a gap in fashion education in Armenia. Thus, she developed a fashion curriculum and taught students the art and design concepts, skills, and sketching, sewing, and fashion business.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the studio discontinued the classes and had difficulty producing new apparel as consumer demand decreased. With ASF’s Support Grant, Heripsime hopes to use the money to keep her business afloat and purchase new embroidery machines to expand her capabilities.

Despite setbacks, the Maronyan Fashion Studio continues to support the Armenian community. Currently, the Maronyan Fashion Studio has volunteered to make sleeping bags and other necessary accessories for the frontline soldiers, combatting Azerbaijan's hostile attacks. It is extraordinary how much volunteer time and effort they have put in to serve Armenian soldiers; their business is truly for the people and with the people.

ASF strives to help businesses like Maronyan Fashion Studio because such small businesses are the backbone of Armenia’s economy and display Armenian tradition and culture to the world. In this way, Armenians continue to express their cultural identity through fashion.

Please follow us on Instagram to witness the Maronyan Fashion Studio’s progress after receiving the ASF Small Business Support Grant. We encourage Armenians worldwide to donate so that we can aid more small-business and promote economic development in Armenia.

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