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Small Businesses Supported By ASF

ASF is proud to announce that we have supported over 50 small and medium-sized businesses in Armenia. These businesses received the "ASF Small Business Support Grant" which allowed the businesses to get back on their feet and provide for the community. 

These businesses used their financial grants to pay back salaries (keeping people employed), rent (keeping storefronts open), and materials (keeping businesses running). In this way, with the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, these businesses were still able to operate and ensure economic prosperity in Armenia. 

This has been an incredibly difficult year for many businesses in Armenia and ASF is glad that, with the help of our donors, we were able to help support them.  

Small Business Grant Awardees

Kabayan Tours is a local travel agency with three employees, making it one of the most personal and family-oriented small businesses in Yerevan. They provide weekend getaways and day trips that move away from the main attractions and highlight the villages and beautiful scenic sights that are indeed the hidden gems of Armenia.  

Mountea Herbal Tea company produces tea from mountain herbs. Their 4 types of tea are thyme, peppermint, St. John's wort, and chamomile. They employ villagers and get their raw materials from Armenian villages to combat village unemployment. 

KiveTat Fashion is a clothing store that designs dresses, blouses, pants, and handbags for women and young girls.

Maral Art is small boutique that makes and sells handcrafted Armenian embroidery.

Mina Textiles is a clothing boutique that sells clothing designed with Armenian motifs.

Pharos Experience Armenia offers private family tours and allows tourists to customize their authentic experience.

Maronyan Fashion is a designing and clothing manufacturing small business for custom pieces with Armenian motifs.

Rent A Car 050 is a car rental agency for families living and touring Armenia.

Star Tours is a touring agency that focuses on the Chinese market and tourists.

Sunny Art is a boutique that sells handmade jewelry, scarves, and headpieces for women.

VGUARD Leather Goods is a accessories store that sells handmade leather bags, luggages, belts, wallets, and other items.

Vilmax Event Planner is a company that is responsible for planning weddings, birthdays, and holiday parties. They specialize in organizing, decorating, and photographing the event.

Tatevik Khorenyan, Rose Avoyan, and Karlen Poghosyan are three independent tour guides.Tourism in Armenia has been hit hard by this pandemic. One of the many groups impacted are independent tour guides, who share Armenian tradition and history with those visiting our beautiful country.

Sonya Abrahamian is a private tour guide that works to show tourists the outskirt towns and villages of Armenia.

Smbat Serobyan is a woodcarver and silversmith and makes souvenirs for gift shops in Tashnir.

Our team is working as fast as we can to post grand awardees for acknowledgment. Check back later for complete list of all 50+ businesses aided by ASF. 


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