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Small Businesses Supported by ASF

ASF is proud to announce that we have supported over 50 small and medium-sized businesses in Armenia. These businesses received the "ASF Small Business Support Grant" which allowed the businesses to get back on their feet and provide for the community. 

These businesses used their financial grants to pay back salaries (keeping people employed), rent (keeping storefronts open), and materials (keeping businesses running). In this way, with the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, these businesses were still able to operate and ensure economic prosperity in Armenia. 

This has been an incredibly difficult year for many businesses in Armenia and ASF is glad that, with the help of our donors, we were able to help support them.  

Small Business Grant Awardees

The Edge of the World is a family-owned bed and breakfast where guests are fully emersed in Armenian life by living amongst the locals and appreciating the villagers’ stories. 

Ardēan designs scarves, shawls, and home accessories that represent Armenian culture, history, and detail. Their artwork and architecture include vibrant colors with Armenian text and traditional patterns that aesthetically fill the space while highlighting Armenian heritage.

The Corner Cafe is a coffee shop that is known for selling espressos from a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Naro Dolls is a shop that makes handmade dolls for young girls.

Pes-Pes is a small business that makes coloring books and maps for children by Armenian artists and educators.

Chocolate Story is a small chocolate story that customizes stories on large pieces of chocolate for their customers. 

Agu Hagops is one of the original Syrian-Armenian restaurants in Yerevan and hosts many local events with live singers and entertainment.

Terracotta Studio is an art school where kids and adults can express their creativity through artwork.

Vaneni Travel Studio is a family-owned touring agency where each member of the family is involved in providing individual and group tours to Armenians within Armenia and the diaspora.

VJ Accessories is a leather product manufacturing business that curates hand-made leather accessories for men and women.


These are two small businesses; a burger and coffee stand near an Armenian university. Both stands are very popular for the local college students. ​

Abak Mental Math Academy is an international math center where students practice math and receive help from professional math tutors. They host many math workshops and competitions.


Aleppo Optics is an optical store that carries designer eyeglass frames and sunglasses in a variety of styles.

Noosh Guesthouse provides tourists a place to stay and discover the natural beauties of Armenia in Ashnak.

Emilia Art House creates custom jewelry that highlights the beauties of the natural world.  


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